2013.3.19 talk & concert Livorsi / Yamaguchi


Vol.3 2013.3.19 18:30- 
talk & concert Paola Livorsi / Yasuko Yamaguchi 

1 talk : Paola Livorsi / Yasuko Yamaguchi / Ryoko Aoki 

Paola Livorsi "new work" for Noh voice and clarinets
(commissioned by ensemble-no 2013) (world premiere) 
Yasuko Yamaguchi "new work" for Noh voice and clarinets
(commissioned by ensemble-no 2013) (world premiere) 

Ryoko Aoki (Noh voice) Takashi Yamane (clarinet) 


3-15-4 Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo, Japan 

Vol. 3 ¥3000 
Tickets sale will start one month before the performance. 

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Tel. 03-6804-7490 

Noh × Contemporary Music - talk & concert series 
presented by ensemble-no 
supported by Minato prefecture grant for culture 
in collaboration with SHIBAURA HOUSE 

Paola Livorsi 

Paola Livorsi, born in Alessandria (Italy), lives and works in Helsinki since 2001. After the BA from the University of Turin and the diplome in composition, she followed the computer music classes of Philippe Manoury at the Conservatory of Lyon. She attended masterclasses at the Siena Chigiana Academy with Franco Donatoni, in Novara with György Ligeti, in Paris at IRCAM (1999-01). In 1997 she studied at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Kaija Saariaho and Jean-Baptiste Barrière. In 1999-2001 She attended the computer music courses in Paris at CCMIX and IRCAM. Music by Livorsi has been performed in Paris Agora, Helsinki Musica Nova, Saarbrücken, Takefu (2004-05), Berlin März Musik, Venice Biennale, Turin De Sono and Milano Musica. She collaborated with Klangforum Wien, Arditti Quartet, DSO Orchestra, Quatuor Diotima and Helsinki Chamber Choir. She was invited by Toshio Hosokawa to Takefu, Berlin and Banna Foundation. She is interested in exchange with other arts, as in the projects « Rooms of Elements » (Northern textile art exhibition « 1 : infinite », Helsinki, Trondheim, Reykjavik 2006-07) and « Self-portraits, silent voices » (Silvia Reichenbach photography, Saila Susiluoto prose poems, 2011-12). She is a member of the experimental art gallery MUU (www.muu.fi) and of the artists group Catalysti (www.catalysti.net). Collaborates with the Aalto University Media Lab and the Sibelius Academy. Her work has been acknowledged by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Arts Council of Finland. She is a member of the Society of Finnish Composers and correspondent from abroad for the Italian magazine « Il Giornale della Musica ».

Photo: Sven-Ingo Koch

Yasuko Yamaguchi  

Yasuko Yamaguchi was born in 1969 in Nagasaki, Japan and studied composition at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with Akira Kitamura, Hideo Kobayashi and Michio Mamiya. From 1997 she gone on with her studies at Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf with Manfred Trojahn, where Yasuko Yamaguchi received a Diplom in composition in 2000. She was a winner of such competitions as The 13th Kanagawa Art Festival Chorus Piece Competition (1989) and The 8th Competition for Young Composers by JSCM (1992). In 2005 she received the Düsseldorf Music Prize. She was also commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW, Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Dr. Karl Emil und Lilli Brügmann Stiftung and by Düsseldorfer Altstadt Herbst, for which she composed a orchestrapiece "Das Stehaufmännchen ist umgefallen" (1999). This work was nominated for the 10. Akutagawa compositionprize (2000) and in succession was performed by many famous japanese orchestras such as the Kyoto Symphony, the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (those ware conducted by Hiroyuki Iwaki), the Yamagata Symphony Orchestra and the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. In December in 2003 was issued the CD 'Das untemperierte Klavier' (toypiano: Bernd Wiesemann, Cybele Verlag), for that was producted Yamaguchi's toypianopiece "Zuckerregen". In Februar in 2004 recorded her orchestrapiece "Das Stehaufmännchen ist umgefallen" on a CD of Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (Conducted by Hiroyuki Iwaki, Warner Music Japan). Her works have been performed by numerous ensembles worldwide, such as the e-mex neue musik ensemble, the notabu. ensemble in Düsseldorf, the Thürmchen Ensemble in Cologne, 175 East in New Zealand, De Ereprijs in the Netherlands, The New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in Tokyo, Tokyo Sinfonietta, the Ensemble SoNoR in Azerbaidzhan, and were heard in many festivals, such as the 'The 19th Conference and Festival of Asian Composers' League 1998' in Taiwan, 'The International Gaudeamus Musicweek 1999' in the Neatherlands, 'The 14. Niedersächsischen Musiktagen 2000' in Hannover, 'The 7th International Youth Music Forum 2001' in the Ukraine, 'Klangspuren' at the Munich Biennale 2008, 'ADEvantgarde' 2009 in Germany, and 'Music From Japan Festival 2010' in New York. In May in 2007 in Dortmund and in September in 2008 in Düsseldorf she got her portraitconcerts for the chamber music. Yasuko Yamaguchi lives in Düsseldorf, Germany as a freelance composer.


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