John Cage (1912-1992) 
・String Quartet in Four Parts (1950) 
    for string quartet with Noh dance 

Joji Yuasa (1929-) 
 ・Snow falling down (1972) 
    for voice, 3 piccolos, harp, piano and string quartet 
 ・Mai Bataraki Ⅱ (1987) 
     for alto flute with Noh dance  

Toshi Ichiyanagi (1933-)  
 ・Transfiguration of the space (2008) 
     for 2 Noh performers and 2 pianos  

Peter Eötvös (1944-) 
 ・Harakiri (1973) 
    for voice, 2 bass clarinets and 1 wood-cutter 
→youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Ensemble Alter Ego on 7.12.2011) part1 part2

Toshio Hosokawa (1955-) 
 ・Sen I (1984) 
    for bass flute with Noh dance 
 ・Silent Flowers (1998)
    for string quartet with Noh dance
 ・from "Japanese Folk Songs" (2004) 
    for voice and guitar / for voice and harp / for voice and alto flute     
 ・Futari Shizuka -The Maiden from the Sea- (2017) 
 Opera in 1 act

Stefano Gervasoni (1962-) 
 ・Yoru no hibiki, yama no naka yori (2016) 
     for Noh voice and string quartet

Hidehiko Hinohara (1964-) 
 ・Mizu-no Wo (2010) 
    for Noh voice 
 ・Music theatre "Mizu-no Wo" (2011)  
    for Noh performer, flutes, bass clarinet and percussions

Atsuhiko Gondai (1965-) 
 ・1,576,800,000 seconds (2008) 
     for Noh performer and ensemble

Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena (1965-)
 ・Yoru (2018) 
 for Noh voice and violincello 
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Seiko Takemoto)

Paola Livorsi (1967-)
 ・Dream light, shadow stone (2013) 
    for Noh voice and basset horn 

Oliver Schneller (1966-) 
 ・Mugen (2011) 
    for Noh voice, vibraphone and electronics 

Yasuko Yamaguchi (1969-)
 ・Song of animals (2013) 
    for Noh voice and clarinet 

Kumiko Omura (1970-) 
 ・De-ai (2009) 
    for voice and sho 
play Ryoko Aoki (utai, Noh chant) Mayumi Miyata (sho)
 ・Ancient Flowers (2011)
    for voice, flutes and percussion 
 ・Dance of Hagoromo (2013) Noh chamber opera with live electronics and video 
    for female Noh voice, tenor and live electronics

Valerio Sannicandro (1971-) 
 ・trois chants Noh (2011)
    for Noh voice and flutes 

Vassos Nicolaou (1971-)
 ・Macbeth 5.1 (2013) 
    for Noh voice, flutes and percussions

Malika Kishino (1971-)
 ・Miraiken-kara (2012) 
    for voice and alto flute 

Juha T. Koskinen (1972-) 
    for Noh voice and flutes 

Noriko Baba (1972-) 
 ・L'oiseau à deux têtes (2012) 
    for Noh performer and two musicians
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Kazushi Saito, Mizuki Aita) 
・Nopera AOI (2016) 
    for Noh performer and ensemble 
・hagoromo suite (2017) 
    for Noh voice and string quartet

Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber (1973-) 
 ・Etude pour chant nô et clarinette - Sur les pas de Tsunemasa (2008) 
    for Noh voice and clarinet   
play  Ryoko Aoki (utai, Noh chant) Isabelle Duthoit (clarinet)
 ・Sur les pas de Yamamba (2011) 
    for Noh performer and flute

Kenji Sakai (1977-) 
 ・Hyperlink (2011) 
    for voice and ensemble 

Stratis Minakakis (1979-)
 ・Apoploys Ⅱ Homeric shard (2013)  
    for Noh voice, bass flute and percussions 
play Ryoko Aoki (voice) Daniel Agi (fl) Rie Watanabe (perc)
Ivan Buffa (1979-)
・Shunkashūtō (The Four Seasons) (2018) 
 for Noh voice and flutes
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Ryuji Masumoto)

Chikage Imai (1979-) 
 ・Once upon a time, a man... ~ from Ise Monogatari (2010) 
    for Noh voice and piccolo 

Mai Kawamura (1979-) 
 ・NIRVANA (2009) 
    for voice and ensemble

Federico Gardella (1979-) 
 ・An Die Nacht (2010) 
    for voice and percussion 
play  Ryoko Aoki (voice) Isao Nakamura (percussion) 
 ・Voice of Wind (2012) 
    for Noh voice and bass flute  
 ・Two Souls (2017) 
 for Noh voice and orchestra

Aurélien Dumont (1980-)  
・Chamber opera "Himitsu no neya" (2012) 
   for Noh voice, ensemble and electronics 
・Yamabushi no inori (2013) 
   for Noh voice and clarinets 

Diana Rotau (1981-) 
 ・Aud (2015)
 for Noh voice, recorder and flute 

Stefan Beyer (1981-)
・Sunset (2018) 
 for Noh voice and bass clarinet
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Takashi Yamane)

Noriko Koide (1982-) 
 ・The Rondo of Love (2013) 
   for Noh voice and percussion  
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Mizuki Aita)

Diana Soh (1984-) 
 ・Shiru hito zo shiru (2016) 
for Noh voice and percussion 

Yiğit Kolat (1984-)
 ・Shōbute (2017) 
 for Noh voice and picollo 
play (Ryoko Aoki, Ryuji Masumoto) 

Jamie Man (1987-)
 ・Shi ( 2017) 
 for Noh performer and violincello 
youtube (Ryoko Aoki, Seiko Takemoto) 

Kaori Okuma (1987-) 
 ・Wata-shija-nai (Not I) (2015) 
for Noh voice, soprano and percussion

Fabià Santcovsky (1989-)
・DE VEU EN VEU (2018) 
 for Noh voice and violin
play (Ryoko Aoki, Masamichi Yokoshima)

Yamashita Yuka (1990-) 
・Zae (2011) 
   for Noh voice and saxophone 

Goki Hosokibara (1990-) 
・Yo-kyoku Time Machine (2011) 
   for voice and tenor saxophone