I was appointed as the Minato city tourism ambassador!!
Interview on Confetti webmagazine!! Japan premiere of "Secret Kiss"by Peter Eötvös!!

I appeared on the Asahi newspaper 13 February issue!!!! IMG_0976.JPG IMG_0966.JPG
After Toronto, I came to Gothenburg in Sweden! It is the city of VOLVO!IMG_0563.JPGIMG_0576.JPG 
Just after I arrived in Gothenburg, first rehearsal of Secret Kiss by Peter Eötvös with Gageego!

Gothenburg day 2! Rehearsal with Peter Eötvös! 
And I enjoyed GP and wonderful concert!!

Gothenburg day 3! Rehearsal with Peter Eötvös and Gageego!
Very nice night! With Peter Eötvös, Ernst Simon Glaser, the soloist of Eötvös's Cello concerto, and Marco Fekliskoff!! Thank you!!

On the day of the performance!
Peter give us, musicians, sweet charms because it will be world premiere of his new piece "Secret Kiss"!!

2019/1/27 18:00- 
Göteborgs Konserthus, Gothenburg, Sweden
Zivkovic On the Guarding of the Heart 
Eötvös Secret Kiss - première (Co-commissioned by Gageego! and the Gothenburg Symphony) 
Ligeti Chamber Concerto 
Eötvös da capo - version for marimba solo 

Peter Eötvös conductor 
Ryoko Aoki soloist

We are done!! After the world premiere of Peter Eötvös's "Secret Kiss"!!

My friend, Mezzo soprano, Charlotte Hellekant came to see my performance from Stockholm!!

Is it Secret Kiss??w

Next concert will be Japan premiere of Peter Eötvös's Secret Kiss!

2019/3/9 16:00- 
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo 
Peter Eötvös: Harakiri  
Peter Eötvös: Secret Kiss (International co-commissioned work/Japan Premiere)

Finally I fly to Japan! Tokyo-Toronto-Gothenburg-Tokyo, long journey!!
In January I came to Toronto to perform Toshio Hosokawa's "Furari Shizuka - The Maiden from the Sea"!!
IMG_0174.JPGIMG_0175.JPG IMG_0189.JPG 
University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

Rehearsing everyday!
The trailer is beautiful!

I had a photo shooting by Tronto Star!

49899925_10218706522313165_1356329648211886080_o.jpg 50522182_10218706511912905_3621248722970607616_o.jpg 52532895_2324404497796316_6299035139808690176_n-001.jpg 50549133_779422055756770_6937458637967196160_n.jpg 
Thursday, 17 Jan. 7:30 pm 
Walter Hall, University of Toronto Faculty of Music, 80 Queens Park 

The Raven 
Krisztina Szabo, mezzo-soprano 
Gregory Oh, conductor 

The Maiden from the Sea (Futari Shizuka) 
Ryoko Aoki, Noh singer and performer 
Xin Wang, soprano 
Lorenzo Guggenheim, conductor 

Paramita Nath, stage director & video projection 
Anna Kajtar, associate producer

Reviews of the opera
Nikkei Newspaper 2019/1/22

IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0296.JPG

We are done!! With Johannes Debus, the music director of Canadian Opera Company!!

After the performance, I have to fly to Europe for the next concert! But I had one free day, so I went to see Toronto city with Toshio Hosokawa.

IMG_0363.JPG IMG_0366.JPG50539496_10157127735843447_5567875614033051648_n.jpg 
Art Gallery of Ontario designed by Frank Gehry.

Royal Ontario Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. Snow in Toronto with Toshio Hosokawa!!

I took part in talk with Toshio Hosokawa and Yuji Nawata for web magazine! Toshio Hosokawa will be featured as he got the Japan Foundation Award! Whan002.jpg Whan028.jpg 

I have premiered Valerio Sannicandro's "Last Words" and played Noriko Baba's "hagormo suite" at Umberto Agnelli Hall, Italian Cultural Institute Tokyo on 15 December!!
DSC03983.JPG DSC03984.JPG DSC03992.JPG DSC03996.JPG DSC03997.JPG DSC04000.JPG DSC04001.JPG DSC04004.JPG DSC04005.JPG DSC04010.JPG DSC04011.JPG DSC04022.JPG DSC04036.JPG IMG_9784.JPG 
2018.12.15 [Sat] 16:00 start / 15:30 open 
Umberto Agnelli Hall, Italian Cultural Institute Tokyo 
2-1-30 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074 

PROLOGO (Foyer) 
Luciano BERIO (1925-2003) Sequenza V (1966) for solo trombone 

FIRST PART (Noh and string quartet - Sala Agnelli) 
Noriko BABA Hagoromo Suite (2017) for voice Noh and string quartet 

SECOND PART (ensemble - Sala Agnelli) 
Federico GARDELLA Nebbiae (2009) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello  
Tomoko FUKUI Sinfonia Concertant da Camera II for piccolo-flute, trombone, violin and piano 
Valerio SANNICANDRO Constructa (2007) for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, viola, cello and piano (Premiere JP)

Ryoko AOKI (Noh voice) 
Jun-ichiro TAKU (flute) 
Hideo KIKUCHI (clarinet) 
Kosei MURATA (trombone) 
Kazue NAKAMURA (piano) 
Yasutaka HEMMI (violin) 
Yoshu KAMEI (violin)
Takahiro YASUDA (viola) 
Tomoki TAI (cello) 
Valerio SANNICANDRO (conductor)

After the concert!!
thumb_青木さま_1024-001.jpg IMG_9617.jpg

I appear on T JAPAN magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine) 2018 vol.19 issue!! I wear TASAKI jewelry and Giorgio Armani top.

Photo : Masanori Akao 
Hair & Makeup : Keita Iijima 
Text : Masanobu Matsumoto 
Thanks to Fumiko Yamaki!

You can read it online

I premiered José M. Sánchez-Verdú's and Bruno Dozza's new pieces at Hakuju Hall in Tokyo on 3 November!!

IMG_8006.JPG IMG_8008.JPG IMG_8015.JPGIMG_9403.JPGIMG_9400.JPGthumb_IMG_8033_1024.jpgthumb_IMG_8036_1024.jpg IMG_8043.JPGIMG_8053.JPGIMG_8057.JPGIMG_8070.JPGIMG_8075.JPG
3 November 2018 [Sat] 15:00 start / 14:00 open *Pretalk 14:15 start 
Hakuju Hall 

Toru Takemitsu:Between Tides 
Cassadó:Suite for solo cello 
Sánchez-Verdú:"Far Water" for noh voice and violin (World premiere) 
Toshio Hosokawa:Duo for violin and cello 
Granados:Sonata for violin and piano 
Granados(arr. Kleisler):Andalusia 
Falla(arr. Kleisler):"Spanish Dance" from Opera "La vida breve" 
Dozza: "Euridice" for noh voice and violoncello(World premiere) 
Turina:Círcle op.91(Trio) 

Ryoko Aoki (noh voice) 
Lina Tur Bonet (violin) 
Aldo Mata (violoncello) 
Qi Shen (piano)

Photo : Hakuju Hall

We had good reviews of the concert! 

With José M. Sánchez-Verdú's and Bruno Dozza!! Thank you very much for your writing wonderful pieces for me!!!

Thank you very much for your playing with me!! 

After the concert, nice Japanese food!!!

Thank you very much, the Embassy of Spain, Cultural Counsellor, Mr. José A. DE ORY!! Thank you very much, Hakuju Hall!!
On 14 October, I performed Noriko Baba's Nopera AOI at Toyoo Ito's new park!! IMG_9078.JPGIMG_9076.JPG 
IMG_9069.JPG IMG_9071.JPG IMG_9075.JPG IMG_9073.JPG IMG_2151.jpg 
2018/10/14 14:00- 
Noriko Baba "Nopera AOI" (Costume : Yoshikazu Yamagata) 
 Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Kazushi Saito (flute) Asuka Hatanaka (percussion)


IMG_9031.JPG IMG_9030.JPG 
On the way to the venue!

Thank you very much for mini-bonsai!!