My interview appeared on Highflyers!!

Photo : Atsuko Tanaka
I appear as the main visual of JAPAN SENSES of Mitsukoshi Isetan, Japanese department store group!! You can watch the special movies (60 sec version and 30 sec version) in the official site. 

Starring Ryoko Aoki 
Music by Noriko Koide


I will have the special talk session with the pritzker prize winning architect, Ryue Nishizawa on 8 April at Isetan Shinjuku store!

16:30-17:30, 8 April 2017 JAPAN SENSES special talk session Ryoko Aoki × Ryue Nishisawa Isetan Shinjuku store

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My interview appeared on PLART!!
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Photo : Takao Iwasawa 

My interview appeared on "The Fifth Sense" which i-D and Chanel collaborate!!  
Just Composed 2017 in Yokohama 
Noh X String Quartet
17:00- 12 March 2017
Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall _DSC5523.jpg _DSC5676.jpg _DSC5735.jpg _DSC5781.jpg 
Stefano Gervasoni/ "yoru no hibiki, yama no naka yori" (for Noh voice and Quartet) 
Ludwig van Beethoven/ Grosse Fuge in B-Flat Major, Op. 133 
Yumi Saiki/ Deux sillages II (based on the work commissioned by Just Composed 1999) 
Noriko Baba/ hagoromo suite for Noh voice and quartet (commissioned by Just Composed 2017)
Ryoko Aoki (Noh) 
Tatsuki Narita (Vn) 
Takao Hyakutome (Vn) 
Mari Adachi (Va) 
Ayano Kamimura (Vc) 

Photo : Fumiaki Fujii

After the performance!!
My interview appeared on Asahi shimbun newspaper 27 February issue!!!
You can see this article online, Asahi Newspaper Digital.
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The article of "just composed" appears in the Tower Records Magazine "intoxicate" 20 February 2017 issue.

This article is also available online.
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My interview appeared on "bravo" 2015/11 issue! 
You can see this article online. 
Photo : Satoru Iizuka 

My interview appeared on Asahi Weekly 19 February 2017 issue

4 February 2017
Ryoko Aoki's performance -Noh×Contemporary Music vol.2
Oita Heiwa Shimin Park Noh theatre 047.jpg 121.jpg 124.jpg 130.jpg 137.jpg 161.jpg 163.jpg 167.jpgJoni Yuasa "Maibataraki Ⅱ" (1987) for alto flute with Noh dance 
Georges Aperghis "Le Corps Á Corps" (1978) for percussion 
Federico Gardella " Voice of Wind" (2012) for Noh voice and bass flute

Lecture about "Nopera AOI" by Noriko Baba 174.jpg 180.jpg 183.jpg 049.jpg 050.jpg
199.jpg 207-1.jpg 207-2.jpg 
219.jpgNoriko Baba "Nopera AOI makura-no-dan" (2015)
Costume : Yoshikazu Yamagata (writtenafterwards)

Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Kazushi Saito (Flute) Asuka Hatanaka (Percussion)

240.jpg  253.jpg
Photo : Masayo Momijiya