I was appointed as the Minato city tourism ambassador!!
I appeared as the main visual of JAPAN SENSES of Mitsukoshi Isetan, Japanese department store group!! I had the special talk session with the pritzker prize winning architect, Ryue Nishizawa on 8 April at Isetan Shinjuku store! 

16:30-17:30, 8 April 2017 JAPAN SENSES special talk session Ryoko Aoki × Ryue Nishisawa Isetan Shinjuku store
After the special talk session with Ryue Nishizawa!!
On April I went to France for Noriko Baba "Nopera AOI". 
At first, we had rehearsals in Reims! IMG_1508.JPG
Cathédrale Notre- Dame de Reims IMG_1440.JPG 
Stained glass window by Marc Chagall is so beautiful! IMG_1439.JPG 
After the work, I think I deserved one glass of champagne...! IMG_1448.JPG 
We had rehearsals at Comédie de Reims for a week! IMG_1511.JPG 
With Mié Coquempot and Jérôme Andrieu! 
During this week, we had shooting for the video on the stage. 
We will come back to le Manège de Reims for performance "Nopera AOI" in November!! 
After Reims, we moved to Paris! Nice apartment near Place des Vosges!
IMG_1530.JPG IMG_1587.JPG 
We had rehearsals at CND in Paris!! IMG_1534.JPG 
Nice bento for lunch!IMG_1554.JPG 
Rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing.... IMG_1555.JPG 
After CND, we finally moved to Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris! IMG_1592.JPG 
New fashion of the conductor, Pierre Roullier!? IMG_1653.JPG 
I have changed the costume three times! IMG_1635.JPG 
Before premiere, many presents! IMG_1652.JPG 
Premiere! After that, happy reception! I can say it was a big success!
The architect, Tsuyoshi Tane and the fashion designer, Tamae Hirokawa came to see our performance! We will work for Aichi Triennale 2016 this autumn! IMG_1658.JPG 
After the performance, just drink! IMG_1667.JPG IMG_1661.JPG
...and the Eiffel Tower...! 
We will come back to "Nopera AOI" in November!! Thank you very much!!
I gave a presentation on 25 March at the JAPAN HOUSE Forum organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.  

16:00-19:30 25 March 2016 (Fri.)  
International House of Japan, Tokyo 

Part 1 
Junji Tanigawa 
Kenya Hara
Moderator- Chiaki Hayashi

1933848_915166255268932_6552160176469062139_n.jpg 12321687_1107846582593643_4131773924752672409_n.jpg 
Part 2 
Ryoko Aoki
Seichi Saito
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Seijun Nishihata
Kenya Hara
Moderator- Mari Hashimoto

Part 3 
Makoto Umehara
Shujiro Kusumoto
Isato Kunisada
Chiaki Hayashi
Kenya Hara
Moderator- Tooru Matsubara

12513740_984688408289201_871618406919890156_o.jpgAfter the JAPAN HOUSE Forum!
I had a report of my activity as Japan Cultural Envoy on 7 March at the Japan Cultural Envoy Forum 2016. 

Costume : Yasutoshi Ezumi写真.jpg 写真1.jpg 写真.JPG 写真2.JPG 12822710_970614169696709_2144034101_o.jpg 

"Japan Cultural Envoy Forum 2016"

This year's "Japan Cultural Envoy Forum" is going to be held in United Nations University on Monday, March 7. In this forum, four envoys who finished their terms either in FY2014 or FY2015 will give a talk about their experiences as a Japan Cultural Envoy, with using visual materials or giving a short performance of their own skills. You will learn what "Japan Cultural Envoy" is all about and how each of them faced the challenge of cultural exchange abroad through this forum. 

1.Date and Time: Monday, March 7, 2016 at 2 PM (Doors open at 1:30 PM) 
2.Venue: United Nations University (5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) 
【Japan Cultural Envoy】 
Ryoko AOKI (Noh Performer) 
Akiko SAKURAI (Biwa Player) 
Naoyuki YANAGIHARA (The School of Kinsa, Yanagihara School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine) 
Tsunao YAMAI (Noh Actor in Komparu School)   

【Moderator and Speech】 
Robert CAMPBELL(Professor of Japanese Literature, Department of Comparative Literature and Culture, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan) 

On 17 November, I went to see Dr. Masanori Aoyagi, Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, to report my activity in Europe as Japan Cultural Envoy. Suddenly Mr. Hiroshi Hase, the Minister of Culture appeared, I was very surprised....!

011.JPG 025.JPG 045.JPG
I came to Monopoli for lecture at Conservatorio di Monopoli Nino Rota, which was organized by the composer, Federico Gardella! IMG_0948.JPG
Conservatorio di Musica 'Nino Rota' di Monopoli IMG_0871.jpg 
IMG_0872.jpg IMG_0875.JPG 
IMG_0874.JPG I talked about Noh and contemporary music.IMG_0413.JPGMy lecture was broadcast on the Italian TV by Canale 7!!!

FullSizeRender.jpgWith Prof. Federico Gardella and his students!!

After lecture, we went to Polignano a Mare!  
IMG_0997.JPG IMG_1011.JPG 12088210_10207795596277974_6538349220507406778_n.jpg IMG_0988.JPG With very important collaborator and friend, Federico Gardella.

I also went to Alberobello!!  
IMG_0932.JPG IMG_0938.JPG 
Very wonderful meal!! IMG_0979.JPG IMG_0967.JPGVery wonderful time! Grazie mille!!!!!!!

The next destination is Berlin!IMG_0455.JPG 
I had a presentation at the Embassy of Japan in Berlin on 27 July . It was a dialogue between me and the British opera director, Frederic Wake-Walker on new opera works inspired by Noh. Firstly, I made a presentation on "New attempts on Noh and contemporary music". Then I showed a part of new creation collaborated with Frederic, followed by a discussion with him and the audience on the possibilities of the new Noh works.


27 July 2015 (Mon) 6:30 p.m. 
Event Hall, Embassy of Japan

After the performance at the Embassy of Japan in Berlin, I and Frederic were invited for a very special dinner by Ambassador Nakane at his residence!!
After tour in Ireland, I went to Paris!!IMG_0167.JPG 
I will have a presentation with Mario Caroli for Pascal Dusapin. DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0040.JPG DSC_0075.JPG 
2015/7/3 18:30- 
Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris, France

Presentation "Noh X contemporary music" Ryoko Aoki
  A part of Classical Noh play with tape 
  Pascal Dusapin "l pesci" for flute 
  Federico Gardella "Voice of Wind" 
  Valerio Sannicandro "Trois chants Noh" 
  Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Mario Caroli (flute)
Talk "Japanese tradition meets contemporary music" : Pascal Dusapin, Ryoko Aoki

After the performance, with Pascal Dusapin and Mario Caroli!

And beer with Pascal Dusapin and his wife, Florence Darel!! 

Besides this, I had several meetings for future plans in Paris. 
My friend, Japanese fashion designer, Yoshikazu Yamagata took charge of show window at Colette, a high-end Paris boutique! 
IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0187.JPG
Nice meeting in Paris with Yoshikazu Yamagata and Noriko Baba for Nopera AOI in December!
I left for Europe in the middle of June as "Japan Cultural Envoy"!!!

The first destination is Ireland!
I had lecture and concerts in Dublin, Sligo and Waterford, organized by Embassy of Japan in Ireland.

On 23 June, I gave a lecture at Trinity College Dublin. Before this, I saw the Book of Kells at the famous Old Library.
IMG_0040.jpgIMG_0042.JPG 2015/6/23 19:00- 
The Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland IMG_2931.JPG IMG_2938.JPGFull of audiences and full of questions!! I was very glad that people were very interested in it!! 

On 25 June, I wen to celebrate Yeats2015 in Sligo because Yeats is known to have been influenced by Noh theatre when he wrote his play "At the Hawk's Well". The theatre was so warm and audiences were also very warm!!
IMG_0074.JPG IMG_2992.JPG IMG_2982.JPG IMG_2993.JPG IMG_3002.JPG 
2015/6/25 19:30- 
The Factory Performance Space, Sligo, Ireland
Lecture "Noh from the past to the present - Noh and Contemporary Music -" 
A part of Classical Noh play with tape
Federico Gardella "Voice of Wind"
Valerio Sannicandro "Trois chants Noh"
Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Susan Doyle (flute)

IMG_0076.JPGAfter the performance, with Susan Doyle! We performed together the first time, but our combination was really perfect!!

IMG_0088.jpgUnfortunately I had no time to see the city, but in the night we went to the local pub. By chance we met the audiences who attended the concert, and we had nice chat with Irish whisky!

On 27 June, we went to Waterford for another performance. The flyer is funny, so I took a photo with them:)
IMG_0120.jpg IMG_0118.jpg IMG_0124.jpg
We came here because of celebration the opening of the "Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Gardens" on Lafcadio Hearn's birthday. These gardens are expected to enhance Japan-Ireland cultural relations by encouraging Irish people to have a better understanding of Japanese literature and culture through a renewed interest in Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904). Also known by his Japanese name, Koizumi Yakumo, he is the most famous Irish person in Japan and is celebrated for his collections of Japanese legends.

IMG_3010.JPG IMG_3020.JPG IMG_3021.JPG 
2015/6/27 20:00- 
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, Ireland 
Lecture "Noh from the past to the present - Noh and Contemporary Music -" 
A part of Classical Noh play with tape
Federico Gardella "Voice of Wind"
Valerio Sannicandro "Trois chants Noh"
Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Susan Doyle (flute)

Susan helped me a lot! Thank you very much Susan and people from Embassy of Japan in Ireland!!