2019.3.9 Peter Eötvös "Secret Kiss" (Japan Premiere)

On 9 March, the Japan premiere of Peter Eötvös "Secret Kiss"!
I did the world premiere of Peter Eötvös "Secret Kiss" on 27 January in Gothenburg, Sweden! You can read it on my blog.

The poster is beautiful!

I found it at the Ueno station!

This concert celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Hungary Diplomatic Relations!
Many medias have featured our concerts, and as a result, tickets were sold out 3 weeks before the concert! Thank you very much!!


I am rehearsing with Oriza Hirata who is the librettist of Japanese translation of "Secret Kiss" and the director.
We had TV documentary shooting for the concert!!

Oriza Hirata also had interview for TV program.

We started rehearsals at the venue!!
Very beautiful hall!

I gave refreshments! For the piece "Harakiri", sweet is "Seppuku Monaka", Seppuku-Themed Dessert!

And for "Secret Kiss", I gave kisses chocolates!!

Before the performance!

Peter Eötvös "Harakiri" (1973)

Peter Eötvös "Secret Kiss" (2018) (Japan Premiere)

Performing Arts Creation Project celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Hungary Diplomatic Relations: "Secret Kiss--Contemporary Music and Noh" 

One of the most representative Hungarian composers, Peter Eötvös dedicates his new work "Secret Kiss" to Ryoko Aoki (Noh performer). This is a luscious love story set in late 19th century in Japan based on the novel "Silk" by Alessandro Baricco. His two beguiling worlds in "Secret Kiss," and "Harakiri" released in 1973 will be newly revealed on the stage by a renowned theater director Oriza Hirata. 

Date & Time Sat, Mar 9, 2019 16:00 
Venue Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall 

Kaito Nakahori: Two Different Paintings (Commissioned new work/World Premiere)[a] 
Máté Balogh: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Commissioned new work/World Premiere)[b] 
Peter Eötvös: Harakiri[c] 
Toshio Hosokawa: Sen VI[d] 
Peter Eötvös: Secret Kiss (International co-commissioned work/Japan Premiere)[e] 

Noh performance: Ryoko Aoki [ce] 
Flute: Kazushi Saito [abe] 
Bass Clarinet: Takashi Yamane [abce] 
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: István Kohán [bc] 
Violin: Masamichi Yokoshima [ae] 
Cello: Tomoki Tai [abe] 
Percussion: Yoshiko Kanda [abcde] 

Libretto of Japanese text "Secret Kiss", direction: Oriza Hirata 

Planning Advisors: Peter Eötvös, Toshio Hosokawa 
Lighting design: Kazuyoshi Chichihara [Tokyo Bunka Kaikan] [ce] 
Costume design: Yasutoshi Ezumi [EZUMi] [e]

After the performance!

With make, EBARA, the fashion designer, Yasutoshi Ezumi and hair, KUNIO KOHZAKI!

With Nobuyuki Kakigi who wrote the wonderful essay for the program!

With Aki Shibuya, the anchor for NHK world "NEWS ROOM TOKYO"! 
On 18 March, my documentary in English (8mins) was broadcast on NHK world "NEWSROOM TOKYO"! You can watch it online!!

Thank you very much indeed!!


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