There are scores and music of latter half of Noh "Hagoromo" by Kanze school. 「 indicates roles. 「Shite means the main character of Noh, Maiden in Noh "Hagoromo". 「Waki means tthe secondary character, a fisherman, Hakuryo in Noh "Hagoromo". 「Chorus means that this part is sung by chorus, jiutai. This time Ryoko Aoki sang all roles.

Noh "Hagoromo" story

I attach PDF which you can read the score and listen to music. You can see the traditional score of Noh on the left and three lines notation and western notation on the right. Three lines notations indicate the graphic figure of theoretical reading of the traditional score. Western notations indicate how to sound in reality. If you click the button on the top, you can listen to music.

※ In order to listen to sound, you have to download the PDF file and view them through Acrobat Reader.


Hagoromo 1

Hagoromo 2 Sashi

Hagoromo 3 Kuse

Hagoromo 4

Hagoromo 5 Kiri

Traditional score :
P.46-49 "Kanze school utaibon No.21" edited by Motoshige Kanze, 1922, Hinokitaikadoshoten, Tokyo
Kindai Digital Library