2013.1.10 talk & concert Aurélien Dumont

Noh × Contemporary Music - talk & concert series 

_92A6337.jpg _92A6341.JPG1 talk : Aurélien Dumont & Ryoko Aoki 
Translator : Kazuko Okamoto 

_92A6348.JPG _92A6378.jpgDumont has been composing the chamber opera "Himistu no neya" for a Noh performer, ensemble and electronic. It was based on Noh "Adachigahara". We did the first version on October 2012 in Paris. Due to this, Dumont got the prize of Salabert Foundation, and also it was reported on the Radio France. This new piece "Yamabushi no inori" will be a part of this opera.

_92A6369.jpgThe librettist of opera "Himistu no neya", Sachiko Oda talked about the opera. 

2 Aurélien Dumont "Yamabushi no inori" for Noh voice and clarinets 
(commissioned by ensemble-no 2013) (world premiere) 

Ryoko Aoki (Noh voice) Takashi Yamane (clarinets) _92A6390.JPG _92A6391.JPG _92A6424.JPG _92A6404.JPG _92A6417.JPG _92A6420.JPG _92A6408.JPG _92A6433.JPG _92A6441.JPG _92A6455.JPGAfter the performance, with Takashi Yamane and Aurélien Dumont. 

It was picked up on theVOGUE official blog.


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