2013.2.27 HANATSU miroir「Fil d'eau」

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The French artist group, HANATSU miroir will come to Japan from Starsbourg, and on 27th of February I will take part in their performance, "Fil d'eau" as a guest performer.

The programme includes three pieces. I will particularly perform Noh Operetta "Mizu No Wo" composed by the Japanese composer, Hidehiko Hinohara. It was based on the popular Japanese novel and TV drama "Be with You" by Takushi Ichikawa. 

I commissioned Hinohara as a part of Noh×Contemporary Music series in 2010. It was a voice solo piece, and I performed several times in many countries. 

Furthermore, HANATSU miroir commissioned Hinohara to compose theatre piece based on my solo piece. In 2011 we premiered Noh Operetta "Mizu No Wo" in Strasbourg, France. 

Finally, this time we will do Japan premiere of this piece.


HANATSU miroir 〜Fil d'eau〜


-Alireza Farhang 
New Work(Fl、Percussions)/2012(Japan Premiere) 

-Januibe Tejera 
L'Utopie de la toupie(Fl、Percussions)/2010(Japan Premiere) 

-Hidehiko Hinohara 
Noh Operetta "Mizu No Wo" (Noh chanting and dance、Fl、Percussions、Sax)/2011/2012 (Japan Premiere) 

Original Text:Takushi Ichikawa "Be with You"(2003: Shogakukan) 

Ayako Okuboo/Flutes 
Olivier Maurel/Percussions
Marie-Anne Bacquet/Senography
Yon Contes/Calligraphy
Ryoko Aoki/Noh 
Masanori Oishi/Saxophones 
Genta Iwamura・Yasushi Ashibe/Lighting
suzuki takayuki/Costume

2013.2.27 19:00-

1-16-25 Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo 108-0074  
1st Exit, Shirokane-Takanawa Station (Metro Nanboku Line, Mita Line)

(Advance Ticket)¥2,500(Today's Ticket)¥3,000

Booking Tickets: 
Kiss Port Ticket Centre
 tel 03-5413-7021 
Okamura&Company tel 03-6804-7490 fax 03-6804-7489  

presented by HANATSUmiroir 
in collaboration with Kiss Port Foundation 
supported by Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, Rohm Music Foundation

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HANATSU miroir

This is the trailor of the premiere of "Mizu No Wo" in Strasbourg in 2011. Please enjoy!!


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