2013/11-12 Kumiko Omura "Hagoromo"

I perform Kumiko Omura's "Dance of Hagoromo" (Noh chamber opera with live electronics and video) at the ZKM, in Karlsruhe (30th of November) and in Hannover (4th of December).

DSC_1194.jpgThe composer, Toshio Hosokawa came to see our performance!

IMG_0910.jpgAfter the premiere, with Junichi Akagawa, Kumiko Omura.

IMG_0945.JPG IMG_0956.JPGHerrenhäuser Gärten in Hannover

IMG_0982.jpg 1422726_1430120680551471_746465650_n.jpg 1493060_1430121030551436_1336455574_n.jpg 1479790_1430121033884769_839313467_n.jpgKumiko Omura "Dance of Hagoromo" Noh chamber opera with live electronics and video (world premiere) 

Musik : Kumiko Omura 
Video : Junichi Akagawa 
Noh-Theater Spielerin : Ryoko Aoki 
Tenor : Akeo Hasegawa

IMG_0987.jpgAfter the performance! 

Christmas Market in Hannover


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