2015.10.21 Meeting with Toshio Hosokawa in Cologne

After Italy, I went to Cologne! 
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Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln IMG_1025.JPG IMG_1044.JPGWith moderator, Daniel Frosch and Heinz-Dieter Reese from Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln. 
My interview was broadcast at WDR 3 TonArt on 20 October! 

20151021_001_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_002_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_003_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_010_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_009_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_012_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_013_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_017_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 20151021_019_noh_contemporary_music.jpg 2015/10/21 Noh×Contemporary Music -meeting with Toshio Hosokawa
Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln, Cologne, Germany

Presentation "Noh X contemporary music" Ryoko Aoki
 A part of Classical Noh play with tape
 Stratis Minakakis "Apoploys Ⅱ Homeric shard"
 Vassos Nicolaou "Macbeth 5.1"
 Toshio Hosokawa from "Japanese Folk Songs"  
 Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Daniel Agi (Fl.) Rie Watanabe (Perc.)
Talk "Japanese tradition meets contemporary music" : Toshio Hosokawa, Ryoko Aoki

20151021_020_noh_contemporary_music.jpg After concert, with Toshio Hosokawa, Daniel Agi and Rie Watanabe!
IMG_1050.JPG Two days later, it would be Toshio Hosokawa's 60th birthday! We pre-celebrated his birthday! 

I had a good review of "Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger" on 29 October!! It was my last concert as a Japan Cultural Envoy! I am so happy that they went very well! Thank you very much to all people who helped me!!


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