2016.2.20 Noh X Contemporary Music vol.4

Noh X Contemporary Music vol.4 
Symposium & Concert "Tradition and Creation in Asia"
20 February 2016 (Sat.) 19:00- SHIBAURA HOUSE 5F Bird room  

We came back to SHIBAURA HOUSE after 3 years!! _92A0829.jpg 
We had many audiences despite bad weather. _92A0847.JPG 
Part 1 
Symposium "Tradition and Creation in Asia"
Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Mizuki Aita (percussion) Diana Soh (composition) Noriko Koide (composition)
Translater : Kayoko Inoue

We have launched the new website "Study of Noh chanting for composers"!!
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Noriko Koide 
Diana Soh
_92A0879.JPG _92A0898.JPG _92A0899.JPG 
Part 2 Concert 
Diana Soh "Shiru hito zo shiru" for Noh voice and percussion (commissioned by ensemble-no 2016) (World premiere)
Noriko Koide "The Rondo of Love" for Noh voice and percussion (2013)  

Ryoko Aoki (Noh) Mizuki Aita (percussion) _92A0904.JPG _92A0905.JPG _92A0922.JPG _92A0941.JPG _92A0945.JPG 
After the performacen, we had discussion with audiences! _92A1007.JPG
Noh × Contemporary Music 
presented by ensemble-no 
in collaboration with SHIBAURA HOUSE
managed by Okamura & Company Inc 
supported by The Japan Foudantion Asia Center, Nomura Foundation 

Photo: Hiroaki Seo


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